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Author Topic: UL approval / CE mark  (Read 102 times)
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« on: September 03, 2009, 09:00:45 AM » Reply with quote

Plan to post on the subject of phase shift transformers ( PST's). But would appreciate if we could start by asking fellow members some questions and get some dialogue going on a the core of the subject.

How about let's start with VSD's and some background,  and then go on to PST's?

1. Do you operate variable speed drives with your esp's?

2.  Are the Variable Speed Drives (VSD's) that you operate UL approved? Or do they have a CE mark?

3. If they are not approved or certified, have you asked your esp salesman  " Why not? " How did he reply?

If members would like, I have a number of comments I would like to share about PST's but first would appreciate hearing from you about the VSD's that have been supplied to you.

If you are an oil & gas operator running VSD's, could you please ask your field service supervisor or esp salesman the above three questions? And then could you please post the answers here on this board that they provided you?

This should help a lot for us to set the stage with some background as we discuss the issues about PST' and VSD's and their affects on your operations and the reliability (or unreliability) of your esp string. But first want to capture all the different stories and blank stares that most of the salesmen will probably give you about why there is not certification for the VSD's. Then, we'll tackle the real story about VSD's that are being used within the ESP industry ( ie - the whole crux of using filters, step up/step down/ six step inverter, esp motor life, vsd heat generation, the real story about how harmonics issues can affect all your equipment !!!! - not just your esp string, the blame game of pointing the finger at other supposed "core problems' for explanations when having to pull your esp, etc etc)

Let's see members' posts, first !

Hopefully, we can get posts from operators with experience with variable speed controllers / drives supplied by Schlumberger Reda, Baker Hughes Centrilift, and Wood Group ESP.


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